Virtual Book Launch: Audio and Webinar recordings

Here is the audio recording of the Virtual Book Launch held on April 16 2012 of The Compassion Fatigue Workbook. The full webinar, with slides and audio is available by clicking here.

Thank you to those who attended the live webcast! I was very touched by your emails and your feedback.

Please remember that the book draw, referred to in the audio file was only for the live event and is now closed. If you wish to purchase a copy of The Compassion Fatigue Workbook, you can go to our Store and follow the links.

Thanks! I hope to offer more webinars in the future.

Update: The winner of the book draw is Rhonda Leblanc from Nova Scotia. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Why Money Matters – Resources to Get Your Finances in Order

Hi dear readers! I haven’t been able to blog as regularly as I wished in the past few months: launching the Compassion Fatigue Workbook in January made for a busy time, along with traveling to various parts of the country to offer training, organising the June Compassion Fatigue Conference and way too many administrative duties (yes, even the self-employed have those woes). But this is all about to change as I now have hired an assistant who is going to help clear the decks and allow me to focus on what I really enjoy: the creative side of things and connecting with people. Ironically, for a while, I was too busy to hire a helper, if that makes sense – delegating takes time, as does bringing someone new into the fold (you have to explain the whole business, orient them, etc.). So I am thrilled to be on the other side of this and look forward to the freedom this will provide me to focus on new projects, videos (I am shooting a training video as early as next week) and writing on this blog. I was already sold on the benefits of sourcing out help from an accounting point of view: a few years ago, income tax time would have meant a whole weekend with my shoeboxes of receipts, a cold sweat running down my back and I tried to get everything figured out. Then, last year, I got more organised, hired a bookkeeper who nudges me monthly to send her my receipts and clarifies problems and queries on a regular basis rather than once a year. This year, income tax preparation took half an hour! I am also convinced that the money I spend on bookkeeping is far less than all the tax hoops I missed by doing it myself. Plus, the peace of mind and a stress-free tax season is worth it for me.

April is tax time for many of us – a time to sit down and look at our personal finances and take stock. Many helping professionals I work with describe having an uneasy relationship with money: can’t live without it, hate thinking about it. Over the past decade, I have spoken to thousands of helpers and found that many of them are uncomfortable with money matters: I have met nurses who are so deep in consumer debt that they cannot drop a shift, even though their health is in jeopardy. I have talked to helping professionals who have already claimed personal bankruptcy not once, but twice before turning thirty. I know of some helpers who confess to out-of-control gambling when their work stress gets too high, and others who jokingly refer to “retail therapy” as their way of coping with a stressful and demanding job. Some self-employed consultants have told me they struggle with setting a high enough fee for their work, and feel uncomfortable dealing with the financial aspect of their job. Debt is a dirty, uncomfortable topic for many helping professionals, as is money in general, and those of us who aren’t doing well with our finances tend to play the ostrich when we feel too overwhelmed by it all. The good news is that there are some great resources available out there, and many of them are Canadian. If your finances are a major source of stress for you right now, take a deep breath, be compassionate to yourself and read on. Read More