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At TEND we offer resources and training in multiple formats to address the complex needs of high stress, trauma-exposed workplaces. We TEND to everyone – front line workers, supervisors and managers, and we strive to provide resources that are accessible and training that is sustainable.

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Organizational Health

One common factor contributes to an organization’s capacity to meet challenges – the human element

Our unique Organizational Health Model includes all the psychological, physiological and social components – the distinctly human parts and cultural elements that contribute to organizational function and capacity.

Based on research and best-practice, Dr. Fisher’s 4-tier Organizational Health Model includes 12 critical factors, which fall into a base set of Foundation Elements and three layers of Outcome Elements.

Consider how critical each of these elements is to the culture and functioning of your organization.

  • Our research-based 12-Factor Organizational Health Model was developed by psychologist and organizational stress specialist, Dr. Patricia Fisher
  • The Model focuses on a powerful approach to understanding and predicting human behavior and attitudes in the workplace.
  • The Model has been successfully applied to organizations large and small and includes all the psychological, social and culture elements that contribute to organizational effectiveness.
  • The Model demonstrates the essential roles of leadership and employee health and wellness and how critical they are to the culture and functioning of your organization.
  • Understanding and applying our practical and comprehensive model provides a framework to effectively approach and comprehend the complex human challenges that affect every aspect of organizational functioning.

Applications of the Organizational Health Model:

Organizational Health Model

Making the Business Case for TEND

Please contact us to explore how the Organizational Health Model applies to your situation



TEND cares for individuals by empowering them to be healthy, effective and engaged.

Dr. Charles Figley has long argued that it is an ethical duty to ensure that we are grounded and healthy so that, in turn, we can be present and able to provide the best possible care to the people that we serve.

Being grounded and healthy includes:

A healthy body
Healthy eating
Stress management
Work-life balance

“A growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated that lifestyle intervention is an essential component in the treatment of chronic disease that can be as effective as medication, but without the risks and unwanted side-effects. The field of lifestyle medicine has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last two decades. In the 1999 landmark textbook entitled “Lifestyle Medicine,” editor James Rippe, MD, expressed the hope it would “open an entire new branch of medicine…” LM is becoming the preferred modality for not only the prevention but the treatment of most chronic diseases, including:

Type-2 Diabetes
Coronary Heart Disease
Insulin Resistance Syndrome
Many types of cancer

From http://www.lifestylemedicine.org/define

At TEND, our associates provide education and training both online and in-person to address the many facets of individual lifestyle medicine.

  • Valuable Work, Meaningful Life
  • Finding Balance, Being Resilient
  • Compassion Fatigue: Train the Trainer
  • Making Conflict Work

TEND also hosts an annual Conference: CARE4YOU where individuals Learn, Connect and Refuel. CARE4YOU is an exceptional 2-day event where delegates are empowered to become their healthiest selves. For more information or to register, check out the conference site here: CARE4YOU

Check out Beyond Kale and Pedicures written by Francoise Mathieu.


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We understand the unique strengths and challenges of trauma-exposed workplaces

We offer a wide set of competencies and expertise to assist organizations:

  • Planning proactive organizational health responses
  • Evaluating organizational health strengths and challenges
  • Planning effective responses to organizational health challenges
  • Developing organizational health and workplace wellness infrastructure
  • Assessing the needs of leaders as they develop sustainable and resilient teams
  • Supporting the implementation of programs and services

Our Consulting Services Include:

Addressing specific challenges: We provide individualized services to organizations who may be struggling with specific challenges such as: high levels of employee/manager turnover, succession planning, mental health issues in the workplace, leadership development needs, restructuring adjustments, conflict and toxic workplaces.

Developing Organizational Health and Workplace Wellness Infrastructure: As organization begin to implement our programs, and services, we recommend that they develop a long-term sustainable infrastructure supporting Organizational Health and Employee Wellness. We work with you to develop customized structures and initiatives that will address your needs.

Please contact us to see how we can be helpful

Kate Sawford
D.V.M., Ph.D.

This course should be mandatory for health care professionals whose occupations by their very nature come with a high stress load. The content of this course is research-based and exceptional…This course offers exceptional return on investment and I highly recommend it to anyone in the health care field.”

Catherine Simunovic
Program Manager

Dr. Fisher’s leadership and facilitation in the provision of training or speaking is done with passion and compassion. Through the use of experiential learning, she challenges audiences to inventory their life choices and to then develop and implement realistic plans for sustainable transformation. She is strength based and positive in delivering her curriculum and invites active participation. She involves, engages and most importantly invests in participants as a dedicated mentor and coach.”

Rebecca Brown, MSW RSW

Rebecca BrownRebecca Brown has a Master’s Degree in Social work and her career has spanned 28 years including medical social work, child welfare and domestic violence. For the majority of her career Rebecca was a Child Protection Team Supervisor at the Children’s Aid Society and was a founding member of the Critical Incident Debriefing Team for CAS staff following traumatic work events. She was a provincial trainer for the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies and taught the curriculum on Wellness and Self Care. Rebecca has recently been appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, Schulich School of Medicine, Western University.

Rebecca now has a particular interest in Lifestyle Medicine and incorporates this into her practice of Wellness Coaching. Rebecca has been working with Francoise Mathieu and delivering workshops and seminars on the topics of Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue to helping professionals in a variety of social settings to balance the impact of the “cost of caring” for those in need.

Please click here to listen to a CBC Radio interview with Rebecca

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