I’m back and raring to go

But first of all, let’s briefly look back at a more peaceful time (ie a week ago when I was still on holidays) and the view I had the privilege of staring at for 2.5 weeks while I just sat and looked out. There was so much weather happening that there was no need for any other entertainment. Rain, thunder storms, rainbows, loons swimming by, more clouds, sunshine, a small thunder storm, a big puffy could, sunshine, rain etc. This was how the day would unfold. I sat, ate, read a bit, chatted, ate some more, played badminton with kids, ate (did I mention that one already?) went for long kayak rides in the bulging flooded creeks and primarily just sat and stared out at the lake. Needless to say it was wonderfully restorative.

I am going to be fairly non communicative for the next while as I am busy working on two key projects: the Train the Trainer workbook and the interviews for the book project (see previous posts for more info on both). So do come back for a visit, but I don’t expect to be fully back to my weekly posts until mid September. Hasta Luego as they say.

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