Just Released! Three New Videos on Compassion Fatigue

I am delighted to announce the launch of three new training videos on compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. Over the past few years, I have received many requests for short educational videos both from compassion fatigue trainers, who wanted to include these in their workshops,  individuals who were living in remote areas and not always able to attend our trainings and finally helping professionals of all stripes who were hoping for some more multimedia resources. So here they are! These are very simple videos – just me and my power points. They are digital files, which means that you can download them straight to your computer after purchasing them, and use them immediately. You can purchase each video individually or all three in a bundle for a significant saving. Visit my store for more information by clicking here.

This video presents an introduction to the concepts of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout and explains the difference and complementarity between these three concepts.

Length: 40 minutes.



This video offers five key strategies that have been found to reduce compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma in helping professionals.

Length: 32 minutes




This video explores a simple strategy to avoid retraumatizing our colleagues and loved ones when we are debriefing our challenging days.

Length: 15 minutes




TERMS OF USE: You may not copy, sell, rent, lease, distribute or sublicense these videos and/or their digital content. These videos or an excerpt of the videos can be used in educational and training settings providing it is not copied or sold and with proper credit being given to Françoise Mathieu and Compassion Fatigue Solutions Inc.

All images contained in these videos are licensed for use byStock Photography,  Shutterstock Photography or The Cartoon Bank unless otherwise indicated.

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