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Are you a helping professional with a story to tell? Have you struggled with, conquered, rollercoasted and danced with compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma during the course of your career? Do you have some insights and stories you would be willing to share? Maybe you have some strategies that have made a significant difference for you and have allowed you to remain healthy and well in this career?

I am writing a book on helpers and CF and am looking to interview nurses, social workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and helpers of all kinds who would be willing to contribute to this project.

How it will work: you have the choice of remaining anonymous or being identified, as you wish. If you start the process saying you are comfortable with your name being used, you will still get to preview the material before it goes to press and can decide to amend/edit/remove any identifiers you are not comfortable with. You are in the driver’s seat.

You will have the option to be interviewed by phone (or in person if you live close enough to me) and I will record our conversation, or to fill in a questionnaire that I will send you via email, after which I may do a telephone interview to follow up on some key points. If you are completely comfortable with being public about this process, I may request for videotaping, but again you are in the driver’s seat and I will not use any material without your express written permission.

Curious? Potentially Interested? Have questions? Call me: 613-547-3247 or email: whp at (you have to change the at to an @ – this is just a way to block spam robots).

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  1. Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed. CCC. Compassion Fatigue Specialist says:

    I want to thank the numerous people who contacted me today, on the first day of this request with generous offers of your time and stories. I am over the moon! I never expected such a rapid and enthusiastic response from so many of you. I will be in touch shortly with proposed times for our interview, and will be sending you a questionnaire ahead of time to help guide the conversation. If you are interested in being interview, drop me a line. Thank you!

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