beth-reynolds-lewis-compassion-fatigue-trauma-informed-trainingBeth Reynolds Lewis


Beth Reynolds Lewis is a compassion fatigue specialist, mindfulness educator, trauma informed care trainer and Registered Yoga Teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Nebraska. Her experience includes 30+ years as a Child Welfare case manager, Forensic Interviewer and Emergency Specialist in the Nebraska public behavioral health system.

Beth is a mindfulness educator in local schools and a yoga teacher in her community.

Kay and Beth have trained over 3,000 human services professionals, youth serving organizations, healthcare staff, educators, law enforcement/first responders, behavioral health care staff and funeral directors on compassion fatigue, trauma-informed care and behavioral health issues for the last 10 years.

Their training/consultation company, Compassion Resiliency, promotes the well-being of professionals who work in high stress/trauma work environments.

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