December is often a time of increased busyness and responsibility.

Taking time to reflect on 2023 while looking ahead to the new year can be an important moment of growth and reflection. Yet, finding space to do this can be difficult. How do we make time for meaningful reflection when we are being pulled in so many directions?

Boundaries can help. However, boundaries are often misunderstood. They are not inherently mean or selfish, and are not just about saying no. Instead, learning how to express our limitations, conditions, and needs can help alleviate resentment and overwhelm. In this session, we will discuss why boundaries are so challenging, how they can benefit us as helping professionals, and specific strategies for communicating and maintaining them in compassionate ways so that we can get done what we need to – and have a little breathing room too. We will discuss:

  • “I will do this, but I won’t do that”: Why and how to set boundaries in your personal life
  • “How do I take time off when I know I’m adding to my team’s workload?”: Navigating guilt and resentment at work
  • “I can’t take time off, what about…”: Exploring comparative suffering, structural unfairness, and strategies for self-compassion
Session Cost: $50 CAD + applicable taxes
Recording will be available for 30 days

Sarah Stewart, RSW

Sarah is a TEND Associate, a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, and the founder of Open Minds Mental Health Training & Consulting. She has developed trainings on trauma-informed practice, boundaries, and workplace mental health for grassroots agencies, non-profits, colleges, and corporations. 


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