Diana Tikasz


Diana Tikasz has worked in the teaching and health care sector for the past 29 years. Her helping work began as an early childhood educator, nurturing children and their families to reach their fullest potential. This work developed into a desire to do trauma-focused work.

Over the course of her career she has worked in emergency department crisis teams, coordinated hospital based sexual assault/domestic violence treatment programs, which involved assisting individuals experiencing a current crisis, counselling those who have been traumatized by violence, and teaching a variety of other professionals how to do this work effectively while staying healthy themselves

She sits on numerous community and provincial committees focused on violence against women and children. She has spearheaded numerous educational initiatives such as a rape drug campaign, a dating violence awareness video/manual, unfounded sexual assault case reviews and frequently consults in hospital based domestic violence research studies.

Diana has also worked in various Employee Assistance Programs where she has specialized in working with individuals who are experiencing direct or indirect trauma exposure as a result of doing helping work.

Diana is also the developer and instructor of our popular WTF: Strategies to Keep Helping Professionals Grounded and Centered online course. 


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Sample Presentation Topics

Resetting Ourselves: Fostering Resilience in Leadership

Occupational Stress, Neurobiology and Strategies for Resetting and Resilience

Overloaded: Key Strategies to Stay Healthy in a Stressful World

Grounding Techniques and the Neurobiology of Stress

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“Diana is a polished, well spoken presenter who is clearly knowledgeable on the impact of trauma and presents her information in a way that is accessible to trainees.”

Attendee of the 17th Champions for Children Conference
Cape Cod, MA