Compassion Fatigue 101 is an online course that explores the essentials of Compassion Fatigue – a normal consequence of working in a helping field.

The level of compassion fatigue a helper experiences can ebb and flow from one day to the next, and even very healthy helpers with optimal life/work balance and self care strategies can experience a higher than normal level of compassion fatigue when they are overloaded, are working with a lot of traumatic content, or find their case load suddenly heavy with clients who are all chronically in crisis.

This course been offered across Canada and the United States to thousands of professionals and after completing the course, participants have reported feeling inspired to make meaningful changes in their personal, professional and organizational lives in addition to learning practical strategies for identifying and dealing with the costs of caring.


This online course provides skills to move helping professionals out of states of reactivity or avoidance and into the place of possibility where we are centered amongst the chaos and can choose how we wish to respond. It is ideally suited for front- line workers and others working with forensic evidence, investigations, court, with witnesses and victims and those working with individuals who have experienced difficult and traumatic experiences. The acronym WTF is used throughout the course and stands for “Window of Tolerance Framework”.


Working in fields where we are exposed to trauma, both directly and indirectly, provides a unique pathway to personal and professional growth and the development of an informed wisdom. However, work in these areas also increases our risk for serious stress, burnout and trauma effects. Fortunately, extensive research over the past decade provides grounded approaches to effectively address stress in trauma-exposed workplaces.

This workshop will provide a solid framework to understand the mechanisms of stress and resilience within trauma-exposed environments, and will introduce practical, best-practices approaches to increasing resilience and enhancing individual wellness and organizational health


An intensive online course designed for managers and supervisors of teams working in high stress, trauma-exposed environments such as healthcare, the criminal justice sector, social and human services, emergency response, armed forces, education, child welfare, community mental health, non-profit organizations and related services.

Trauma-exposed work creates a unique climate with increased risk for serious stress and burnout and can lead to a rise in sick time, low morale, lack of team cohesion and high turnover. These consequences can, in turn, seriously limit a team’s ability to work effectively and efficiently. As leaders, the managers and supervisors of these teams can play an essential role in mitigating the effects of stress and increase the resilience of their staff.