“Feet on the Floor” with Diana Tikasz

This is a sample chapter from our Staying Grounded in Stressful Work online course.  

This online training course consists of 15 videos/chapters lead by Diana Tikasz. The course comes with a digital Resource Guide with chapter overviews and exercises.  Total course time = 3.5 Hours

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Visualization: A Social Stress Test

Chapter 3.  The Threat Response

Chapter 4. Running on Adrenaline and Numbing Out

Chapter 5. Is All Stress Bad?

Chapter 6. Resilience

Chapter 7. Polyvagal Theory and WTF Debriefing Strategy

Chapter 8. Tree Exercise (and the Green Zone)

Chapter 9. Grounding Technique: Feet on the Floor

Chapter 10. Grounding Technique: Centering

Chapter 11. Strategy: Stress Inoculation

Chapter 12: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

Chapter 13: Strategies to Use During a Stressful Situation

Chapter 14: Strategies for Resetting After Stress

Chapter 15: Taking Care of YOU


To learn more about accessing this online training for yourself or for your entire organization, visit our product page or contact our Client Manager, Tasha Van Vlack by email or by scheduling a call.

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