Helpful Online Tools to Manage Stress and Compassion Fatigue

Following my last two posts on favourite books (link here) and podcasts (link here), here are a few helpful online apps to manage stress, compassion fatigue, trauma exposure and help us reset after challenging days.

There is now strong evidence suggesting that body-centered approaches are among some of the most effective ways to manage trauma exposure and stress. For some of us, that includes a regular yoga or meditation practice, vigorous physical exercise or other therapeutic techniques such as EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) or EFT (emotional freedom technique), to name a few.

But if your schedule or personal preferences do not lean towards incorporating some of these practices into your every-day life, what can you do? Even if you already practice yoga or mindfulness, here are some easy to use, portable techniques that you can include in your self-care arsenal.

Here are some of our favourite apps:

The 7-minute workout:

Stress Reduction Activities:  

Headspace Mindfulness app: 

Ichill – Stress Reduction App by the Trauma Resource Institute:

Digital use manager:

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping to reduce stress and anxiety)


Interested in more training? 

TEND Associate Diana Tikasz, MSW. has created a new one day workshop called WTF: The Window of Tolerance Framework and other Strategies to Keep You Grounded in High Stress Situations. This training has received rave reviews from participants. WTF will also soon be available as a web-based course on our site!

Brief description of the WTF course: The pace, content and competing demands of the modern workplace has left many of us operating in constant stress and overdrive. Frequently this elevated stress state is challenged further with added pressures and trauma exposure. Eventually we can find ourselves shutting down and numbing out because our bodies are not built to function in this high-energy state for extended periods of time. As a result, we see many negative physical, emotional, behavioural and relational consequences in the workplace.

WTF stands for “Window of Tolerance Framework”. This one-day training provides skills to move helping professionals out of states of reactivity or avoidance and into the place of possibility where we are centered amongst the chaos and can choose how we wish to respond. It is ideally suited for front-line workers and others working with forensic evidence, investigations, court, with witnesses and victims and those working with individuals who have experienced difficult and traumatic experiences.

Please contact us for more information about Diana’s live training.

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