Organizational Health Training

The term organizational health refers to the varied and often complicated factors that affect the capacity and performance of an organization. Work hours, type of work, stress levels, budgets, workload, turnover and so many other factors all have an impact on the health of an organization.  At the very core of this is the health of each individual including: how they feel about their jobs, how they perform them, how committed they are to their roles and how their jobs are affecting them personally.  Organizational health training with TEND for leaders will provide the framework to create staff resiliency.

Obtaining Staff Engagement and Buy-in

In our many years of experience in working with high stress, trauma-exposed workplaces, we have found that the first and most important step in obtaining buy-in from staff and supervisors is to see senior leadership involvement. To that end, we recommend that leadership participate in a training session that provides the framework to implementing capacity-building programs that are designed to address wellness, resiliency and vicarious trauma.

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