2-day workshop: Resilience in High Stress, Trauma-exposed Workplaces – INTENSIVE


Strategies for Resilient Practitioners and Resilient Teams

Developed by Dr. Patricia Fisher, R,Psych., L.Psych.

This intensive course is an extended and enhanced version of our 1-day Resilience in High Stress, Trauma-exposed Workplaces course. The workshop provides a more in-depth opportunity for participants to develop both personal and team-based resiliency plans.

An additional option for this course is a hard copy of Dr. Fisher’s workbook  Resilience Balance and Meaning.This textbook is designed to provide you with practical help in addressing the effects of workplace stress, burnout and trauma. You will see that it is designed as a highly interactive tool and you are encouraged to make the book your own by responding to the frequent questions, reflections and self-assessments.

This program supports participants by:

  • Exploring the essential role of employee wellness in Organizational Health and defining the risk and resiliency factors driving the team’s Organizational Health profile.
  • Exploring the team’s current strengths and challenges and developing practical strength-based plans for moving forward.
  • Applying the workshop learning to each participant’s personal experience and future planning.
  • Developing team-based strategies to support personal and group resilience.
  • Exploring the unique properties of trauma-exposed work and the critical need to enhance resilience.
  • Applying the Complex Stress Model of Workplace Stress which incorporates both the system-based stresses and traumatic stresses (direct trauma and vicarious trauma).
  • Recognizing and normalizing the wide range of physical, mental, behavioural and relationship responses to chronic stress.
  • Understanding the case and effect relationships between the relative risk for systemic and traumatic stress, self-care strategies and stress-related outcomes.
  • Evaluating the team’s current risk and resiliency profiles for systemic and traumatic stresses.
  • Introducing practical, best-practices approaches to increasing resilience and enhancing individual wellness and organizational health.

Taught by: CEO Françoise Mathieu, TEND Associates Cambria Rose Walsh (US and Canada) and Diana Tikasz (Canada only)

To learn more about providing this training to your organization please contact Tasha  at vanvlack@tendacademy.ca or Schedule a Call. Here at TEND we are committed to providing support for organizations of all sizes and look forward to hearing from you.





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