Compassion Fatigue 101

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Online Course

Led by Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., CCC. RP

Executive Director, TEND




Compassion Fatigue 101 is an online course that explores the essentials of Compassion Fatigue – a normal consequence of working in a helping field.

The level of compassion fatigue a helper experiences can ebb and flow from one day to the next, and even very healthy helpers with optimal life/work balance and self care strategies can experience a higher than normal level of compassion fatigue when they are overloaded, are working with a lot of traumatic content, or find their case load suddenly heavy with clients who are all chronically in crisis.

This course been offered across Canada and the United States to thousands of professionals and after completing the course, participants have reported feeling inspired to make meaningful changes in their personal, professional and organizational lives in addition to learning practical strategies for identifying and dealing with the costs of caring.


This online training course consists of 11 videos/chapters led by Françoise Mathieu. The course comes with a digital workbook for exercises and planning.  Total course time = 90 minutes + exercise and worksheets.

Chapter 1. The History of Compassion Fatigue and “the cost of caring”

Chapter 2. Vicarious & Secondary Trauma

Chapter 3.  Factors that affect Compassion Fatigue

Chapter 4. Exercise 1: The Work That You Do

Chapter 5. Who gets Compassion Fatigue

Chapter 6. ASSESSMENT TOOLS: Assessing Multiple Exposures

Chapter 7. ASSESSMENT TOOLS: Proqol & Warning Signs

Chapter 8. 4 Steps to Wellness

Chapter 9. Workplace Strategies: Low Impact Debriefing

Chapter 10. Workplace Strategies: Compassion Satisfaction & Toxic Workplaces

Chapter 11. Conclusion



Compassion Fatigue 101 is designed for anyone working in caring roles, especially those in high stress, trauma-exposed environments such as healthcare, the criminal justice sector, social and human services, emergency response, armed forces, education, child welfare, community mental health, non-profit organizations and related services.



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3 reviews for Compassion Fatigue 101

  1. Kristin Griffey

    This course beautifully validates and describes what so many individuals who work in helping fields risk. I am grateful to know there are preventions and remedies for those of us who care so much and so often it affects our own wellness.

  2. Marcia Annamunthodo (verified owner)

    This a great introductory course to start someone thinking about compassion fatigue and learn strategies to begin taking care to themselves.

  3. Ann (verified owner)

    This introductory course provided me with the overview I needed to better understand the range of topics and considerations in the area of Compassion Fatigue.

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