2-day workshop: Managing Conflict, Change and Uncertainty in the High Stress, Trauma-Exposed Workplace


Conflict Management

Developed by Meaghan Welfare, B.A. Certified Mediator.

Our work landscape is changing rapidly – many agencies are currently facing new policies, mandates and organizational upheaval which can contribute to environments fraught with stress, uncertainty, transformation and conflict. In addition, staff who work in social services, health care, law enforcement and related fields spend their days addressing individuals’ problems, hearing difficult stories and being exposed to secondary and primary trauma. With so many competing demands, stressors due to workplace conflict are often overlooked and minimized yet when compounded with the stress of the work, conflicts can have disastrous effects on the health of an agency and its staff. This workshop will explore the ever-present topic of workplace conflict and its unique aspects within the helping professions. Participants will leave this workshop with a solid understanding of the importance of workplace conflict and how to harness it for creativity, productivity, and lasting relationships.

Learning Points:

  • How to manage compassion fatigue and burnout in the high stress, high trauma workplace
  • Why is conflict so important?
  • How can we harness conflict
  • Five tools for making conflict work

Please note: This training is only delivered by Meaghan Welfare, BA.

To learn more about providing this training to your organization please contact Tasha  at vanvlack@tendacademy.ca or Schedule a Call. Here at TEND we are committed to providing support for organizations of all sizes and look forward to hearing from you.


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