Gen X, Millenials & Boomers – The Self Care Revolution by Generation



Gen X, Millenials & Boomers – The Self Care Revolution by Generation

Created by: Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP, CCC.
Co-Executive Director, TEND

Many workplaces are currently facing challenges managing cross-generational teams. As a group, Millennials have different skill sets and priorities than Boomers and Generation X and this can lead to conflict and friction at work. In addition, during the next few years, there will be large-scale shifts in the generational makeup of our  teams: Baby boomers who are looking at retirement or scaling back to part-time work, Generation X who are be juggling complex caregiving duties for ageing parents and children, and Millennials, who are the up and coming workforce and a group who often value work-life balance and self-care in a way that can challenge managers trying to meet the multiple demands of the workplace. This workshop will offer a set of tools to help assess your teams in a time of shift and change and provide managers and supervisors with concrete steps to respond to the self care needs and priorities of each generation.


  • Understanding the demographic shift 
  • Strengths and challenges of each generation
  • Conflict in the workplace
    What is the functional capacity of your teams?
  • Working with different generations
    Self care across generations
  • Action plan

To learn more about providing this training to your entire organization please contact Tasha  at or Schedule a Call. Here at TEND we are committed to providing support for organizations of all sizes and look forward to hearing from you.




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