2-day workshop: Trauma Informed Practice with High-Needs, High-Risk Clients


Working with High-Needs, High-Risk Clients: An Intensive Course for Staff working in High-Stress, Trauma-Exposed Workplaces

Developed by Dr. Patricia Fisher, R,Psych., L.Psych.

Working with high-needs, high-risk clients is a course designed for staff working in high stress, trauma- exposed environments such as healthcare, the criminal justice sector, social and human services, emergency response, armed forces, education, child welfare, community mental health, non-profit organizations and related services.

Clients in these sectors often present with high risk profiles and complex needs and this course is designed to support service providers in their interactions with this client base and to increase their capacity to better serve people impacted by trauma and to improve the outcomes for those individuals. The workshop will provide a best practice approach to trauma informed practice by identifying the connections between trauma symptoms and adaptations and integrating an understanding of trauma into every interaction with clients.

Over the 2-day intensive training we will cover three main areas:

  1. Understand the unique properties of trauma-informed practice
  2. Equipping service providers to work safely and effectively with complex clients
  3. Developing internal and sustainable supports for service providers

Cost: Please contact us at vanvlack@tendacademy.ca for a detailed quote. Pricing is dependent on the size of your team as well as choice of trainer.

Note: This course can be created as a customized blended learning experience for teams. Other similar courses would be Strategies in Resilience


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