1-day workshop: Resilience in High Stress, Trauma-exposed Workplaces – ESSENTIALS


Becoming A Resilient Practitioner – 1 Day Training

Developed by Dr. Patricia Fisher, R,Psych., L.Psych.

“Resilience in High Stress, Trauma Exposed Workplaces” will provide a solid framework to understand the mechanisms of stress and resilience within trauma-exposed environments, and will introduce practical, best-practice approaches to increasing resilience and enhancing individual wellness and organizational health. This 1 day workshop will provide the stage for a longer-term strategic response to workplace wellness and organizational health.

This program supports participants by:

  • Exploring the unique properties of trauma-exposed work and the critical need to enhanceresilience.
  • Applying the Complex Stress Model of Workplace Stress which incorporates both the system-based stresses and traumatic stresses (direct trauma and vicarious trauma).
  • Recognizing and normalizing the wide range of physical, mental, behavioral and relationshipresponses to chronic stress.
  • Understanding the cause and effect relationships between the relative risk for systemic andtraumatic stress, self-care strategies and stress-related outcomes.
  • Identifying the personal changes participants have experienced during their time in the field(areas of growth and areas of concern).
  • Applying the workshop learning to each participant’s personal experience and future planning.
  • Considering the workshop information as it applies to participant’s workplaces, organizationsand occupational sectors.

Taught by: Co-founder Dr. Patricia Fisher, Co-founder Francoise Mathieu, TEND Associates Cambria Rose Walsh (US and Canada) and Diana Tikasz (Canada only)

Cost: Please contact us at vanvlack@tendacademy.ca for a detailed quote. Pricing is dependent on the size of your team as well as choice of trainer.

Note: This course is also now available for individual use as an online course or as a customized blended learning experience for teams.


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