WTF and other Strategies to Keep You Grounded in High Stress Situations

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One Day Workshop: Essential grounding and debriefing skills for front line staff

Developed by Diana Tikasz, MSW., RSW.

The pace, content and competing demands of the modern workplace has left many of us operating in constant stress and overdrive. Frequently this elevated stress state is challenged further with added pressures and trauma exposure. Eventually we can find ourselves shutting down and numbing out because our bodies are not built to function in this high-energy state for extended periods of time. As a result, we see many negative physical, emotional, behavioural and relational consequences in the workplace.

WTF stands for “Window of Tolerance Framework”. This one-day training provides skills to move helping professionals out of states of reactivity or avoidance and into the place of possibility where we are centered amongst the chaos and can choose how we wish to respond. It is ideally suited for front- line workers and others working with forensic evidence, investigations, court, with witnesses and victims and those working with individuals who have experienced difficult and traumatic experiences.

Based on neuroscience and trauma theory participants will learn:

  • how the experience of ongoing stress, crisis and trauma exposure impacts us and our colleagues
  • the WTF Model for self-monitoring
  • how we can quickly recover our equilibrium and reset our bodies during moments of high stress
  • helping our colleagues during moments of high trauma/high stress
  • what is resilience and tools that enhance our sense of personal strength, purpose and joy

To learn more about providing this training to your organization please contact Tasha  at or Schedule a Call. Here at TEND we are committed to providing support for organizations of all sizes and look forward to hearing from you.

2 reviews for WTF and other Strategies to Keep You Grounded in High Stress Situations

  1. Ashley

    Diana provided an excellent session! She is really relatable and participants appreciated hearing about her lived experiences. They also found the content helpful and strategies very practical and easy to apply. Thank you Diana for sharing your time and expertise as part of our Resiliency Workshop for nurses!

  2. Martine

    The workshop content was amazing and Diana was even more amazing. The day just flew by. In simple words and explanation, we were able to relate and apply strategies that would help us on a daily basis. Thank you Diana and thank you TEND!

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