This is a guest post by my friend Deb Thompson:

Hey sportsfans

Well here I type with rather tender legs, finally getting to write my first race report…

Toronto Waterfront Marathon September 30, 2007

Leading up to this race, my first marathon, I spent a lot of time fantasizing about what it would be like, especially during all those hours running out on Highway 2. I looked forward to the happy buzzy atmosphere I have loved at shorter races, and feared an attack of the legs o’lead in the last miles. I worried if injury or illness would prevent me from participating or finishing. I started noting endorphin-induced epiphanies for this race report or the See Jane Tri retreat weekend about life lessons from sport.

What I had not anticipated was how recently re-entering training to become fully certified as an Integral Coach would plunge me into questioning many of my choices in life, including whether or not to go to the marathon. In the three weeks prior to the race, being coached had brought me face to face with my propensity to over-cram my life, and called me to examine my many choices that have brought me once again to this point of burn out. My probing extended to all corners of my life, into the role of my hobbies and habits, including long distance running and racing. Was this just another addiction, under the guise of ‘health’? Was running a restorative relaxing practice I loved? Was I escaping my life and its demands through running? Did running bring certain blessings? Did running so much close out other good things? Was it a fab way for me to stay fit and well (and get to eat cinnamon rolls and stay thin)? Was doing a marathon my “go big or go home” way again? Did running bring some great relationships to my life? Was I unwise to go ahead with the marathon given my exhaustion and overwhelmedness? Could I drive myself bonkers trying to figure this out? Read More