Things that make my day

1. Blossoms on a crabapple tree: I don’t know why, but those blossoms make me ridiculously happy. Are there any signs of spring that you love?

2. Helping people make small changes: I recently got an email from a therapist who reads my blog and who wrote: Re: your blog post on healthy eating, you might be interested to know you inspired me to buy a juicer. I love it! In the words of my 8 year old, “that juicer has changed our life! 🙂

3. Running by a lilac bush and inhaling deeply. Also, seeing those big pink peonies that are currently in bloom in my part of the world. I love them. I remember the first time I ever saw one, after having lived my early years in Northern Quebec. It just blew my mind. They are so over the top. I guess they tap into my “inner peony” – the hidden side that is exuberant and expansive and a little outrageous.

4. A grilled marinated portobello mushroom topped with greek yogurt and roasted garlic. From the Heart Smart cookbook. Hmmm. Delicious.

5. Being able to do a plank for 60 seconds. (hard!) This took about six months of practice.

6. Spending time with my children. I went on a coffee date with my daughter yesterday and she insisted we take a picture of the coffee, above. See why? When the weather is nice, my son and I go shoot some hoops at the local schoolyard every night after supper. Those are special, precious times.

7. Crossing things off my to-do list.

8. Getting lots of emails and no phone calls (yes, that is likely weird for many of you who are swamped with emails, but I love emails).

9. Coming home to find that someone else (aka my partner) has cleaned up the whole kitchen. Thank you!

10. Going for a run before anyone is up, and coming home to a sleeping house.

What about you? What small things make your day?

4 Responses to Things that make my day

  1. Lynn Heinitz says:

    Lots of things make my day, but what comes to mind first is when I arrive home at the end of a long day and my cat meets me at the door, and asks for nothing more from me than a few kind words and a cuddle!

  2. Jolene Wilkinson says:

    And the things that enlarge my soul—-sunsets that I can share with a friend, and watching the stars come out at night as a few clouds catch the promise of coming moonlight by becoming outlined in silvery-white……these help me remember how small I am, but how much I matter to an entity much greater than me because He made such beautiful and peaceful moments that are sustaining. 🙂

  3. Jolene Wilkinson says:

    1. A good hot soak in a bubble bath.
    2. Being able to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of hot tea or chocolate, and a good book.
    3. Waking up to birds singing.
    4. The scent of freshly mown lawn or alfalfa.
    5. Trees that bud in various shades of green, red, and purple, and the blossums that accompany them.
    6. Eggs Benedict at Finn’s with my friends.
    7. Spontaneity–to laugh or hug or find a serendipitous moment.
    8. Stepping back when things go wrong and find that the universe closed one door so I would use a window to find a blessing.
    9. Laughing with my kids.
    10. Hugs. Always hugs!

  4. Sharon Malkowski says:

    1. Sitting in my hot tub and feeling the mist coming off the water and hitting my face.

    2. Going to Cora’s for breakfast when you are absolutely starving.

    3. Being woken up by bird calls from my back window.

    4. Hearing the rush of water in my backyard ravine in the spring.

    5. Laughing until you cry with your best friends.

    6. Being hugged by your 14 year old boy and he says “i love you MoM”

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