For women (and the men who love them): Watch these two fascinating Ted talks

If you have a few minutes, take a look at this captivating scientist practitioner talk about the connection between your endocrine system and the four phases of your body in a monthly cycle. Fascinating.

Alissa Vitti on Tedx FiDi Women

If you still have time and want to watch a wildly entertaining video on the need for women to reconnect with pleasure (yes, that kind, but also other kinds of pleasures), watch Mama Gena’s Ted talk. She’s a vibrant, inspiring whole lot of woman! Imagine if I made my entrance at one of my workshops like she does! 🙂

TEDxFiDiWomen – Regena Thomashauer

Let me know what you thought of those two inspiring videos.

Wishing you a happy, sane enough, full enough, calm enough week.

2 Responses to For women (and the men who love them): Watch these two fascinating Ted talks

  1. Maryse Lepage says:

    Both women were great at presenting different but complementary views on body-mind-heart integration. And both truly embody what they are taking about with a strong presence, fine humor, immense energy and real centeredness.

    I found a term used by Alissa Vitti quite compelling: the ecology of your entire life. From this ecological point of view, some seemingly benign live imbalance or habit of self-neglect can have an impact on the whole – and over the long run can unravel the fabric of one’s life. By the same token, a series of small positive changes (like the 1% change commitment you talk about) can lead to a significant ecological shift in the right direction. The videos provide ideas of what some of these small steps might be, including dancing just for the fun of it, which is easy to incorporate into one’s life.

    Thank you for sharing these links.

  2. WOW!!! They are both amazing.
    I have been trying to get in touch with my body and its quirks for a few years. This is such a great reminder and valuable info as to why this is so important.

    I am using music and dance in my workshops to remind people how moving can make you feel!! It is so much fun and has even inspired a cartwheel in one of the sessions.

    This is what I find so curious. I have been doing these things because they are right for me and what I have discovered is an entire movement of people going where I am going, wanting what I want and helping us find the language and support to share the info with so many others.
    Again I am reminded, When the student is ready, the teacher arrives.


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