“What is the Cost of Unmanaged Conflict?”

By Meaghan Welfare, BA

Do you experience conflict at work? Are you a leader? Did you know that leaders spend up to 25% of their time dealing with conflict that could be addressed and solved at the source? Unmanaged conflict is costly. It affects the mental health of your people, which results in absenteeism, employee retention issues and a negative institutional reputation.  To attract and retain great employees, organizations must focus on their wellness, beginning with positive and productive relationship management. Meaghan Welfare is an expert in managing conflict within organizations while creating “conflict competence”. Her workshop will equip participants with organizational competencies designed to foster strong working relationships as well as detect and address inevitable workplace conflict.

Meaghan Welfare is a conflict management practitioner with the Department of National Defence at CFB Kingston. She is also a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator with the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology. She holds a degree in criminology and criminal justice with a minor in law, a graduate certificate in dispute resolution from York University and a certificate in family mediation from University of Waterloo.

2 Responses to “What is the Cost of Unmanaged Conflict?”

  1. Colleen Wood says:

    Thank you for your feedback, as the business increases online we will be adding more online components. Please keep checking in for some upcoming webinars — exciting new TEND material is coming soon.

  2. Catherine says:

    Good morning,

    Is there any chance that this session could be posted as a webinar or video recorded for future viewing? I am interested in learning about this but the travel from northern Ontario is costly.

    With a smile,

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