Who guards your time?

A friend of mine who works in a very busy children’s mental health centre came to work one day to find this life sized Power Ranger guarding her office. If I got the story straight, some of her staff thought she could put him in front of her door to let people know to leave her alone when she needs time to work on stuff. He is her guard. Isn’t that fantastic? Now, of course, only in Los Angeles would you be able to find a full sized action hero mannequin, right? (that’s me on the right, giving him a little squeeze, for those who have never met me).

So here is my question for you, dear reader, on this beautiful Sunday morning, before I dash off to yoga: Who guards your time? Who protects you from unwanted incursions? Do you have a clear sign (or a big red guy) that lets the world that you need to be left alone? How would I know, if I was your friend or your work colleague, that you do not want to be disturbed? Do you answer your phone at all hours of the night and day, or are you comfortable setting limits on calls, texts and emails? Can people drop in on you unannounced any time or are you clear on what works and what does not work for you?

There are ways to set boundaries where you can still be kind and warm to others. Then there are days where I just feel like wearing a t-shirt that says **** off! What are your best strategies?

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  1. DND (hmm, I wrote DNR first!!) on the phone is a great tool. I just got a phone that has it. The phone still flashes red so I put tape over that. Of course that creates calls going to reception. So then the clerks come to my door to see why I am not taking calls, when they know I am in my office. So I put a sign on the door “in a meeting”, but of course they know when a client goes into my office, so another knock on the door to see if I want the sign up when there isn’t anyone in my office! So back to the old way of telling the clerks I don’t want to be disturbed for however much time I need!!
    Technology doesn’t always make it more simple or better, sometimes I still just have to ask for what we want in the old fashioned way!! Keep your sense of humour!!!

    PS If anyone can find me a life size Vin Diesel statue, I would be very happy!

  2. jasmine says:

    As a student, this is something that really stuck with me from the workshop for nightlight you gave last Saturday.

  3. You are so cute. I love this…R

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