This is a Marathon, Not A Sprint: Understanding Reactivity & Staying Grounded - Part Two

As we continue to face this global crisis, we all need to be mindful about our…

Sihouette of a person running with the sun setting

This is a Marathon, Not A Sprint: Strategies to Address Wear & Tear - Part One

There is now wide consensus that responding to the COVID-19 pandemic will take…


"Feet on the Floor" with Diana Tikasz

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The ABCs of Stress

  Amanda Muhammad, MA, DMCT is a Mindfulness Based Stress Management…


Three Simple Guidelines for Healthy Living

We were recently visiting beloved old friends for a rare weekend away. Sitting…

Music for self-care

Stop. Pause. Play - Using Music for Self-Care

by Amanda Williams, MTA, MT-BC, NMT “Music, uniquely among the arts, is both…

Say no

Disappoint Someone Today

by Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., CCC., RP A few years ago, I was running late one…