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Compassion Fatigue 101: On-Demand Course

The online course that that explores the emotional costs of working in a helping profession.

Instructor: Françoise Mathieu, M. Ed, RP


Repeated and chronic exposure to large volumes of difficult stories can erode our sense of empathy for others.

We can become hardened and desensitized to the suffering of others– or conversely, we can become swallowed up by their pain. Any of us can experience these “costs of caring” when we are overloaded,  working with traumatic content, or supporting people who are chronically in crisis.

Since its launch in 2018, the Compassion Fatigue 101 online course has helped thousands of helping professionals understand and address the costs of doing difficult work.

This course was updated and revised in 2021 to reflect advancements in the field of compassion fatigue research.

90 Mins of Video

Join Françoise Mathieu, M. Ed., RP, as she shares her personal experiences and perspective as a front-line mental health provider and educator.

Course Workbook Included

This on-demand course includes an accompanying workbook filled with self-guided exercises and reflections.

Online Tools & Assessments

You will be guided through several self-assessment tools to help you understand you own unique circumstances as a helping professional.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete this course, you will obtain a certificate of completion for 3.5 hours of training time.

A Look Inside this On-Demand Course

  • The History of Compassion Fatigue and Understanding the “Costs of Caring”
  • Vicarious and Secondary Trauma
  • Factors that Affect Compassion Fatigue
  • The Work that You Do
  • Who Gets Compassion Fatigue?
  • The Venn Diagram Tool
  • Take the Venn Diagram Self-Assessment Online Tool
  • The Professional Quality of Life Self-Test (ProQOL)
  • Take the ProQOL
  • Warning Signs
  • Identifying Your “Big Three” Warning Signs
  • Four Steps to Wellness
  • Low Impact Debriefing
  • Compassion Satisfaction & Toxic Workplaces
  • Next Steps
  • Resources for Further Learning
  • Interview with Françoise Mathieu – 2021 Update

Frequently Asked Questions

This on-demand course is designed for anyone working in a helping profession.

The terms helping professional and caring professional are used to describe those whose role it is to help, care for, or protect others. This includes healthcare professionals, first responders, lawyers, judges, counsellors, therapists, teachers, funeral workers, animal care workers, customer service representatives – and so many more.

If your job is to help others – whether that be through treatment, counselling, advocacy, volunteering, community outreach, or customer service – you are a helping professional.

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