Building Resilient Teams: Facilitating Workplace Wellness & Organizational Health in Trauma-Exposed Environments – Digital Version

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This workbook is being moved to a new home. During this transition period, we have suspended individual purchases on our website.

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Building Resilient Teams – Digital Version provides practical, realistic and effective strategies to build team resiliency and cohesion. Through a series of guided discussions, participants will identify best practices to create a safe, healthy and productive workplace on both an individual and organizational level.


“With her many decades of experience in providing training and consultation with trauma serving systems, Patricia Fisher has created a brilliant tool for building sustainable and resilient organizations! Her easy-to-use format is both informative and action-oriented; moving beyond theory into doable strategies that facilitate workplace wellness, increased communication, and effective management of traumatic stress responses. Dr. Fisher has brought together wisdom from the fields of management, leadership, best practices in trauma-informed care, and resilience to carefully craft a comprehensive model of organizational health in the trauma serving field. Organizational leaders, managers, and supervisors will find this to be an essential guide to building resilient teams and creating a culture of wellness in their organizations!”

Leslie Anne Ross, Psy.C., Vice President, Leadership Center, Children’s Institute, Inc. Co-Chair National Child Traumatic Stress Network Secondary Traumatic Stress Collaborative Group


“Patricia Fisher has developed a comprehensive model that teams can use to address work-related stress and both direct and indirect psychological trauma. This structured workbook offers detailed step-by-step instructions and specific questions concerning a wide range topics, with sample discussion logs for each topic. The book is evidence-based and thoroughly referenced with unobtrusive endnotes, as well as valuable trauma-specific frameworks in the resource section. It guides teams in identifying and reflecting upon crucial issues that shape both the services they provide and their experience of work. This process helps teams to develop their own work styles and norms, rather telling them how they should work. It will be a useful reference for work groups in any field, and especially valuable for those engaged in trauma-related work.”

Laurie Anne Pearlman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Co-author, Treating Traumatic Bereavement: A Practitioner’s Guide


“Blending personal power with structural accountability, Dr. Fisher’s new book strikes a resonate chord supporting healthy change needed in the field of trauma. Through easy to use interactive discussions, this model gently guides professionals on an all-important pathway to organizational sustainability that is self-determined, ultimately customizing strategies for change specific to the needs of specialized workforces.”

Sherisa Dahlgren, LMFT, VP Clinical Programs, Joyful Heart Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

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