Staying Grounded in Stressful Work Online Course


Led by: Diana Tikasz, MSW, RSW



By Diana Tikasz, MSW RSW

This online course provides skills to move helping professionals out of states of reactivity or avoidance and into the place of possibility where we are centered amongst the chaos and can choose how we wish to respond. It is ideally suited for front- line workers and others working with forensic evidence, investigations, court, with witnesses and victims and those working with individuals who have experienced difficult and traumatic experiences. The acronym WTF is used throughout the course and stands for “Window of Tolerance Framework”.


The pace, content and competing demands of the modern workplace has left many of us operating in constant stress and overdrive. Frequently this elevated stress state is challenged further with added pressures and trauma exposure. Eventually we can find ourselves shutting down and numbing out because our bodies are not built to function in this high-energy state for extended periods of time. As a result, we see many negative physical, emotional, behavioural and relational consequences in the workplace. This online course is grounded in neuroscience and assists helpers navigate stress associated with trauma exposure, by providing strategies to prepare for the stressor, cope during the stressor, and reset following the stressor.


This online training course consists of 15 videos/chapters lead by Diana Tikasz. The course comes with a digital Resource Guide with chapter overviews and exercises.  Total course time = 3.5 Hours

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Visualization: A Social Stress Test

Chapter 3.  The Threat Response

Chapter 4. Running on Adrenaline and Numbing Out

Chapter 5. Is All Stress Bad?

Chapter 6. Resilience

Chapter 7. Polyvagal Theory and WTF Debriefing Strategy

Chapter 8. Tree Exercise (and the Green Zone)

Chapter 9. Grounding Technique: Feet on the Floor

Chapter 10. Grounding Technique: Centering

Chapter 11. Strategy: Stress Inoculation

Chapter 12: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

Chapter 13: Strategies to Use During a Stressful Situation

Chapter 14: Strategies for Resetting After Stress

Chapter 15: Taking Care of YOU


This course designed for anyone working in helping roles, especially those in high stress, trauma-exposed environments such as healthcare, the criminal justice sector, social and human services, emergency response, armed forces, education, child welfare, community mental health, non-profit organizations and related services.


Upon purchase you will receive an e-mail with links to the course. You will be able to watch the videos at your leisure.  You can work through the course at your own pace, and watch the videos as many times as you like.  You will have access to the course for 1 year from the date of purchase.


$250 CAD + TAX

Group rates available – contact us

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1 review for Staying Grounded in Stressful Work Online Course

  1. Hospital Chaplain

    I’ve just recently completed the course WTF, Strategies to Keep Helping Professionals Grounded and Centred, and found the course exactly what I was looking for in my role as Lead Chaplain at a hospital and also have found the information useful for my role as an Honorary Assistant as an Anglican Priest at a parish.

    I have already implemented some of the strategies in my role as a Chaplain so that I keep myself grounded and centered when dealing with the effects of listening to many traumatic stories.

    In my humble opinion, the course information, in combination with my previous training in Compassion Fatigue, are invaluable tools for anyone in any type of helping profession.

    I am so thankful that Diana was willing to put her presentation into the online format for folks like myself, who live in Sudbury and find it difficult to get to in-person events but who are thirsty for this type of knowledge to put into our personal tool box on good self-care.

    So, please pass along my thanks to Diana for all of the wonderful modules that contain so many useful tools but please also thank Diana for the time and energy she put into developing this online webinar.

    Thank you so much for to everyone at the TEND academy for all of the great work you do and all of the wonderful educational opportunities you provide for those of us working in a variety of types of helping professions.

    Peace and blessings.

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